The Best Outsourced CFO Services to Take Your Business to the Next Level

In the dynamic and constantly evolving business world today, the massive move of data and systems to the cloud over the last decade is enabling many small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), startups, and real estate businesses to practice lean business models while driving business growth.

Many SMBs outsource many business functions, including accounting, IT, payroll, and marketing. However, not many entrepreneurs and business owners realize they can outsource their company’s finance functions as well. Outsourced CFO services give smaller businesses access to high-quality financial experts with a wide range of skill sets across several aspects to keep up with the best practices in their field. Rather than spending more on hiring full-time in-house resources, businesses like yours can benefit from a CFO’s services as needed and at a fraction of the cost.

Fractional CFO offers you access to a team of highly trained, accredited, experienced, and versatile financial experts who can provide your business with a tailored set of outsourced CFO services designed to help you:

  • Increase business efficiencies.
  • Get expert guidance whenever needed.
  • Free up more time to handle core business tasks by outsourcing financial tasks to seasoned professionals.
  • Easily and quickly grow your business without time wasted on finding suitable resources to hire in-house.
  • Eliminate the cost and time taken to create a team of in-house financial experts.
  • Get the benefits of seasoned professionals at a fraction of the cost.

What Are Outsourced CFO Services?

Your company’s financial management can be one of the major issues preventing your business from growing as you would like. It takes special expertise to get all the numbers together that can tell you where your biggest opportunities and risks are moving forward, let alone create a solid game plan to achieve robust financial health and fuel growth.

Hiring a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) might not fall within your company’s budget, especially if you run an SMB or startup. Even if you can handle financial management for your business in its early stages, nothing can replace the benefits of having an experienced CFO. Unfortunately, hiring a full-time and in-house CFO with the experience necessary to achieve your business goals is not cheap.

Outsourced CFO services provide you with an alternative you can afford at just a fraction of the price! Imagine bringing a team of finance experts with experience in your industry, who can offer the benefits of a full-time CFO at less than half the cost of hiring one. You gain all the experience you need from such a professional and do not need to waste time searching for and training one yourself.

When you rely on CFO outsourcing with the best outsourced CFO services offering tailored solutions for businesses like yours, you gain access to the ideal solution for improving several critical business functions that can help you unlock your true potential.

Our Outsourced CFO Services

At Fractional CFO, we know and understand the importance of having sound financial management to handle changing and complex financial situations, process and crunch numbers to improve profitability, and create actionable strategies to achieve your goals. Hiring a full-time resource might not be possible with a limited budget. Many SMBs rely on their accountants or business owners to wear several hats to handle complex financial management while running the business. When you outsource CFO services to us, we can help you identify and improve in areas you’re struggling with, including:


As your company looks to grow, you need a comprehensive financial picture to make the best possible decisions. Your sheets need to track the right KPIs, account for the nuances of short- and long-term projects, and eliminate any inaccuracies. That’s a problem our outsourced CFO solutions solve for you.


As your business grows, so will the sophistication of its financial situation and the types and volumes of transactions. Bookkeepers can handle everything in your company’s early stages, but creating a comprehensive system of checks and balances as your business grows requires expertise a bookkeeper alone cannot offer. Our outsourced CFO solutions give you the perfect resource for your needs.


When you started your business, chances are you didn’t do it because you love number-crunching. A business cannot survive, let alone thrive if your company’s complete financial management is not guided by a seasoned professional skilled in dealing with critical financial management tasks. With the best outsourced CFO on board, you can have an exceptional resource guiding you with financial and operational insights to help you succeed.


Timely, precise, and comprehensive financial information is invaluable for creating impactful strategies. Running a business without a properly formulated strategy is like shooting from the hip and in the dark. Knowing where you have been, understanding where you are right now, and planning for where you need to be, requires experience in areas your staff might not know much about. That’s where our outsourced CFO services fill the gap for you.

Raising Capital

Suppose your business manages to limp along with inadequate financial information. It’s not a sustainable approach because the banks and other investors you need to raise capital demand a compelling and comprehensive financial picture. You need precise figures for financial projections and history to bring in the money your company needs. If you struggle with these issues, our outsourced CFO solutions can help your company get its financial affairs back to fuel your growth.

Are You Ready To Get Your Company’s Finances In Order & Unlock Your True Potential?

Working with Fractional CFO for its Outsourced CFO Services means getting access to all the financial expertise your growing company needs without spending the time and money needed to hire a full-time and in-house resource. With a partner that is driven by your success, you can enjoy the peace of mind that your company’s growth is in the hands of the best in the business.