Top Financial Modeling Consultant for Your Business

Have you ever wondered how SMBs can handle their mergers & acquisition needs, raise capital, handle budgetary requirements, and prepare financial forecasts while juggling everyday tasks? After all, not everyone has the budget to have in-house finance and accounting specialists. Most small to medium-sized businesses, especially startups, hire a reliable financial modeling consultant to fulfill these business needs.

Fractional CFO has highly trained and accredited financial modeling consultants who can provide you with customized financial modeling services to:

  • Build robust and flexible custom financial models
  • Offer financial model reviews and improvements
  • Plan contingencies and mediate financial risk factors
  • Create budget strategies and help you raise business capital
  • Offer related finance and accounting advice based on the latest industry knowledge

What Does Financial Modeling Consulting Involve?

Financial modeling consulting firms offer businesses professional financial modeling and consultation services. As seasoned financial modeling experts, we use Excel-based tools to help our clients forecast their future performance. Our financial modeling consulting process involves taking your company’s historical performance and key industry trends into account to create a financial model.

Based on essential research, our experience, and your business objectives and history, we prepare a comprehensive 3-statement model – income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement – for our clients. We also help businesses develop parallel financial models for their mergers & acquisition goals, raising capital, and budgeting needs.

Essentially, our financial modeling consultant can help you make vital financial decisions that can enable you to chart a course toward financial success. We have a transparent financial modeling methodology that enables us to create a model outline, develop testing controls, and provide thorough assessments and commentaries to help you improve your financial models for planning, reporting, fundraising, and related assistance.

The Benefits of a Robust Financial Model

Here are some undeniable benefits of having a comprehensive financial model prepared by our financial modeling consultants:

  • Fundamental Business Analysis: It helps you analyze your company’s performance, take stock of your executive financial decisions, and understand critical variables affecting your business.
  • Strategic Testing & Planning: A financial model enables you to assess various scenarios, set new and accurate project budgets, and allocate key corporate resources for favorable results.
  • Avoid Risks: A thoroughly-prepared, research-backed financial model can help you avoid potential risks. It allows you to stay updated with your ever-evolving industry and design and execute business plans from a well-informed perspective.
  • Constant Improvement: A financial model will help you stay on top of your business’s weaknesses and mitigate potential bottlenecks for continued success.

Our Financial Modeling Consulting Services

At Fractional CFO, we believe that every business has distinct needs and targets that require diverse financial models. It’s why our financial modeling consultants create custom models, such as based on the client’s varied requirements. We can offer you the following financial modeling consulting services:

Revenue Generation Report & Models

We provide our clients with custom revenue generation reports to help you ascertain your financial performance. Our consultant also produces revenue models that can help you generate more revenue in the future.

Company Valuation

Our financial modeling consulting also involves a thorough company valuation, a break-even analysis to show when your company makes profits, and a quantitative ratio analysis to gain insight into business liquidity. We also offer startup valuations rooted in investor return metrics and other metrics. Based on your needs, we can also conduct a comparable company analysis to determine your business’s fair value while evaluating your stocks and securities.

Depreciation, Debt & Equity

Your company’s assets can lose value at different rates, forcing you to assess your budget and equity in an expansive financial mode. Our financial modeling consultant can illustrate a course of your equity and debts and perform a cost-benefit analysis, enabling you to raise funds for various projects and determine the source of your funds based on an analysis of your existing debt.

Budgetary Needs & Improvements

We understand different organizations have different budgets for their varied departments and targets. Our financial modeling consultant can help you assess those budgets, make necessary improvements and implementations, and prepare multiple financial forecasts based on those changes.

Acute Risk Mitigation

At Fractional CFO, our consultants are trained to identify financial and non-financial risks a business can face, which prepares us to create mitigation strategies for these risks. We can assess your business history and ongoing projects to ascertain risk factors and offer steps to mitigate them successfully.

Financial Model Updates

Our financial modeling consultants will work with you to regularly assess the models we create for your business. We can also determine how various strategies will affect your new targets based on multiple variables via effective scenario planning and timely updates.

Why You Should Choose Our Financial Modeling Consultants

Whether you are a small to medium-sized business looking to achieve your goals or a startup looking to gain a solid financial footing, Fractional CFO’s financial modeling consultant can help you. We are outcome-driven professionals who believe in going the extra mile to help our clients achieve their business objectives. We have worked with multiple clients across diverse industries as finance experts.
Here’s why you should hire us as your financial modeling consultant:

Unmatched Expertise

Our financial modeling consultants have years of shared practical experience preparing and updating complex financial models and offering related services.

Flexible Business Plans

We understand your financial plans must excite potential investors. It’s why we discuss your needs with you to design modern, flexible plans you can update to reflect new data.

Quick Migration

We design financial models that you can quickly migrate across departments and to new employees without facing training-related risks or downtimes.

Complete Automation

We can create models that offer holistic automation for quick scenario analysis and execution. It will also improve accessibility across the board.

User-Friendly Interface

Our financial models have a modular design for easy access, understanding, and modifications. It will help you identify scenarios quickly for effective decision-making.

Dynamic Reports

Our financial modeling consulting services involve dynamic report generation, enabling you to access your data effortlessly in one place.

Benefit from Our Financial Modeling Consultants

So, if you wish to hire a financial modeling consultant, contact Fractional CFO today. Our consultant will listen to your distinct needs, provide comprehensive consultation, and help you meet your business goals.